Warranty : Our products feature a 90-day Warranty with regards to factory faults 
Warranty claim is simple as yours is less than 30 days old purchase , all you have to
do is to drop your device at the delivery company office in International city dubai - china cluster ( location map will be sent ) 
or opt for a pick up/drop off which will cost 60Dhs . However, note that the local supplier needs 48 working hours to 
verify the claim and check the unit, then its either they will repair or replace it depending on the condition of the fault.

If pick-up/drop off is selected , the driver can come to you and you will give him the unit in the original packaging along 
with 60Dhs in cash, once supplier gets your device or replacement back (48hrs later) then it will be dropped
at your location on the same day . 


جميع أجهزة الشيشة الإلكترونية تحمل كفالة 90 يوما ضد العيوب المصنعية ولا تتضمن سوء الإستخدام ( ماعدا التانكات والأتومايزرات حيث لا كفالة بعد وضع الليكويد بداخلها ) 
يقر العميل بأن النكهات المختارة هي برغبته ولا يتم إسترجاعها أو تبديلها مطلقا وذلك حفاظا على الصحه العامه